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"NEW ROAD is a noteworthy debut from a promising artist."
-- Mike O'Cull, independant music journalist -
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NewNEW ROAD - Debut Album!!

Very few musicians wait until they're almost 70 years old to release their debut album. Alan Babbitt is one of them.

"What's the hurry?" says the singer - songwriter who chose April Fool's Day as the album's release date.
"I was pretty busy for 65 of those years," he goes on. "Hopefully, the 2nd album won't take quite as long."

NEW ROAD is an eclectic mix of musical styles including folk, folk rock, jazz, and a new genre Babbitt calls "Grump Rock."

"There are more than a few things in this world to be grumpy about," he says with a smile, "I don't think I'll run out of material anytime soon."

NEW ROAD features nine original songs - from humorous to quirky to thought-provoking,

The album is infused with catchy melodies, jazzy arrangements, and rich vocal harmonies. Lyrically, Babbitt weaves together little stories and impressions, and offers some intriguing, and at times, wacky, perspectives. Thanks for listening!

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"Alan Babbitt is a clever songsmith with some very original statements to make."
-- Ted Myers - music biz veteran, songwriter, recording artist, producer and Broadjam pro reviewer
  spacer The Songwriter
This is a playful tune about a writer’s collaboration with a happy-go lucky band of notes and words in the process of writing a song.

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  spacer Back to Baseball  (Original version)
True baseball story in song. Boy grows up in 1950’s Brooklyn. Finds & loses 1st love. Reflection, Renewal. Redemption. Ends happily – unless you’re a Dodger fan.

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  spacer Back to Baseball - Spring Edition
This timely tune evokes the feelings of spring, childhood memories and the start of baseball spring training. Kinda gets me hankering for a good hot dog.

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  spacer To Hell With Spammers
I knew there must be a special place in Hell for those jerks who pummel us with unwanted emails, faxes, phone calls and snail mail. What would that be like?

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   "I considered writing a spam comment, but I decided I should instead just tell you how
    awesome this song is. Keep playing, I love it
     -- TSIBP
  spacer The Perception of Time
What is time? And why does it seem faster as we age? It feels unfair, or at least, poor design! But what could I do about it? Which led to this song.

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  spacer Moments of Decision
Decisions are made in a brief moment and they can affect our lives in ways we can’t predict. Yet each moment of decision holds endless possibility.

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    Let's Change The Game
Quirky, humorous, thought provoking.Takes a poke at the news media and Congress, both deserving. “We don’t need anymore of that same old, lame old.”

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   "I love how you appreciate the subtle qualities of the experiences of life. This is just awesome!!."
         -- Dr NaniLea Critchfield Diamond, Network Chiropractic, San Rafael, CA.

  Lazy Sunday
An instrumental mood piece designed to transport you to a place we all know.  So put on your headphones or earbuds. sit back, relax, close your eyes
and listen.

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spacer Our House
This cover version of "Our House", was written by Graham Nash and originally performed by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on the 1970 album "Deja Vu."

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spacer A Good Time to Be Alive
This is a song about gratitude - about enjoying life and appreciating the big and small miracles happening all around us every day.

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