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Good Time to be Alive cover art
Good Time to Be Alive
Music and lyrics by Alan Babbitt

Intro – Em C G D Em C D

Em                          C                        G                          D
This is a time of miracles. They happen every day
Em                    C                            G                         B7
Evidence empirical says It's meant to be that way.
Em                                    B7                Em                     A
But we don’t need a miracle to appreciate this world.
                                G              D        C D      C
Just keep your mind and eyes open wide
             G         D       C  D   Em
It's a good time to be alive.

Em   C   G   D  Em   C   D

          Em                       C              G                         D
Computers and the Internet. Airplanes and cars.
Em                   C                        G                  B7
Life-saving medicines and Rovers on Mars.
Em              B7                                  Em                      A
Dictators toppling and there’s cameras in our phones.
G              D    C     D C               G        D         C   D Em
What's next to arrive? It's a great time to be alive

G                            D                      Am7 Am7 ish
True all these good things are happening.
                  F                 C                       G
But it's clear that things could be better.
                Em                        D                    C                Em
There's way too much bloodshed, hunger and pain
     Am7                                       B7 
I know we could solve it - We just need to evolve a bit.

Em   C   G   D  Em   C   D

Em                       C                           G                      D
Hands on the steering wheel - Eyes on the road
    Em                                C
I don't know what’s a-comin’
             G                         D
It's a brand-new episode.
     Em                            B7                   Em                          A
I know we're on a journey and It doesn't matter where.
   G     D C    D     C                   G       D        C D Em
Just enjoy the ride - It's a great time to be alive.

C G D Em C D Em