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Read the NEW REVIEW of "NEW ROAD," Alan's debut album.
Review by Mike O'Cull, independant music journalist >>>
  ABOUT ALAN BABBITT and his music  
  I’ve been a musical dabbler for most of my life. For some reason I took up the clarinet in junior high, but the losing combo of very little talent and even less enthusiasm for it, earned me a lowly, but solid 3rd clarinet- last chair position for 3 years. Not a very promising musical beginning.

In high school I stubbornly continued to abuse the clarinet, playing in the school marching band, holding on to my spot in the 3rd clarinet group. I’m sure I would have been last chair, but since it was a marching band, we didn’t have chairs.

While still in High School. I had an epiphany. I could sing a little and decided to take up the guitar, which I thought might attract girls. The fact that I was mostly clueless as to what to do if any girls were attracted didn’t seem to matter.

In college, the clarinet went into storage and the guitar became my friend. I jammed with buddies, learned there were more than 3 chords, and began to get a clue about girls.

alan babbittThen after graduating, I got my 1st job as a TV producer/director at a new PBS station in Las Vegas. Part of the job was creating educational programs for kids and I found I was able to write and perform simple tunes to help teach various concepts. I had never written songs before and in my ignorance II had no reason to assume I couldn’t do it, so I just went ahead and did it. Sometimes ignorance is under-rated.

As I continued my career as a film and videomaker in San Francisco, I was also able to continue my musical dabblage, writing and producing jingles and music videos for my corporate video clients. I also wrote a few songs just for the hell of it, including “Keep Your Head Down” which humorously warns of the dog deposit dangers of urban sidewalks. alan

Later, I began to play around with computers, synthesizers, midi and the concepts of composing, arranging and multi-tracking. My old Apple IIe system patiently sits in its original boxes, waiting for another opportunity to boot up and show off its out-dated, yet still miraculous abilities.

These days, I’m experiencing a surge of musical energy and creativity, motivating me to write, record, play guitar and sing like never before. “To Hell with Spammers!” is the 1st finished result of this fun period. I’m feeling it’s not the last.

As for girls? Still learning!

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