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The Songwriter_cover_art
The Songwriter
Music and lyrics by Alan Babbitt

So now the notes were all napping in my Martin guitar.
But they were always ready to play.
The words, yet un-said, were still in my head
Waiting to have their say.

They were all rootin' for the writer to write.
They hoped he wouldn't take too long.
'Cause what they were seeing - was their reason for being.
A chance to be in a song.

A Song!!
Woo HOO!!

Short bridge

Now the writer, he seeks inspiration
To appear in a magical way.
To fall into place - with style and with grace
To say what he wants to say.

Sometimes It's just that easy.
With minimal effort applied.
But sometimes it's painful – It’ll drive you insane, you’ll
just have to put it aside.


The making of a melody  - involves a little bit of sorcery.
When music, motion and mood combine ...

Short break

Randomly sampling combos of chords
'Till I hear what sounds good to my ear.
I let my fingers do the walking
no thinking, no talking.
I can usually tell when I've gotten there.

Then I vocally noodle around.
Tryin’ to latch onto that catchy sound.
A memorable melody line.

Designed to stick in your mind.
You know it's going to stick in your mind.
By now it's probably stuck in your mind.

Short bridge

Now the words and the notes
were feeling their oats.
They could tell things were movin' along.

For what I was writing,
to them was exciting.
A song about writing a song.
A song.