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Cover Art

The Perception of Time
Music and lyrics by Alan Babbitt

I watch the time go by --- too fast.
I feel the future fly --- into the past.
Time goes slow – when you’re young – God knows.
But when you get older – the faster – time goes.

Whether you’re a woman or a man – it doesn’t matter.
You really ought to have a plan – to live life – while you can. So don’t waste a day – no need to delay.
You’ve got - to find - a way
To take charge of your fate – don’t hesitate.
Before it’s too late.

     So strange - the perception of time.
     Seems it’s all in our mind.
     Electro-chemically entwined.
     It’s a bit of an existential bind

         Break - lead

Put priorities in play.
How you spend your time – each day.
Pick what makes you whole – pick what feeds your soul.
Pick the best – kick the rest - away.

You’ve got to listen to yourself – those inner voices
They’ll help to lead you to your own best choices.
And hold on - hold on to those you love.
The folks you’re fondest of
They’ll help - you find – your way
Their love will keep you high – no need to wonder why.
Just let your spirit fly.

      If we didn’t have linear time.
We’d be caught in a strange paradigm.
      A multi reality crunch.
      Where everything is happening at once.

         Break - lead

So if your time goes by – too fast
If your days and weeks and months – don’t last.
Time can be your friend - if it’s time you spend...
In the now, not the future, not the past
The now, not the future, not the past
The now, not the future, not the past