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Cover art
To Hell with Spammers!
Music and lyrics by Alan Babbitt

Intro: G  Am7  D  Em  C  G   D     

                     G                   Am7           
There's a story people tell
            D                        Em
of a special place in hell
       C                                  G               
A place so horrific, it's ...
just terrific for spammers
                                G                         Am7    
Where they can toil among their own
D                                         Em
Reap what they have sown.
With slimeballs & slackers &
G                                                  D
scoundrels & hackers & scammers.

Where they're forced to work
at the speed of berserk
             Em                            C  D
While hearing the devils taunts.
To their colleagues in hell,
t hey're sentenced to sell
    D                                    G
Crap ... that nobody wants.

To hell with spammers
        G                                             D
To Hell with their buddies as well
          Em                C
Let's tell them spammers
D                                                 D7
No more talking now It's time to yell
We should put up a clamor
Throw 'em all in the slammer.
           C              D
And after that ...
they can all go to hell

Am7  D  Em  C  G  D

Verse 2
                                     G                        Am7
They'll steal your Passwords in a flash
             D                                Em
Your contacts and your cash    
          C                                           G
Their selfish cheating has us
                                 D                 D7
all deleting & deleting - & deleting
           G                                 Am7
And then some bastard sends
       D                              Em
A virus to all your friends
It's a sad fact of living
The gift that keeps giving…
             D                     D7
And giving.   And giving
Aww, It all makes me curse,
but what's really the worst,
                  Em                          C   D
gets me snippy, snarky & snorting.
First my focus is blown
By the sound of the phone
Then I'm spammed
                 D                   G
by a damned recording.

                C                                 G
I say to hell with spammers
Don't let 'em poison the well
                    Em                 C             D
 We gotta quell them spammers
We gotta ring their closing bell
We should put up a clamor
throw 'em all in the slammer.
           C               D
And after that...
they can all rot in hell

Am 7  D  Em  C  G   D